How do I order?
You may order by emailing us at contact@qqsoyabean.com or call us at 98258685. Kindly order 3 days in advance.

Is there a minimum order amount for delivery?
Yes, there is a minimum order of 50 tubs of beancurd.

Is there a delivery surcharge?
Yes, there will be a delivery charge of $10. However, you may enjoy free delivery for orders more than 50 tubs of bean curd.

Do we have to consume it on the day of delivery?
No, the bean curd can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Is it suitable for outdoor?
Yes. However, do consume the bean curd within 3 hours, or you may choose to keep it in the fridge after leaving it outdoor.

Is there any area that you don’t deliver?
Delivery is only available in Singapore, island wide.

What are the payment methods?
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Can we make bulk order?
Yes, we do accept bulk order. However, please place your order one week in advance.

Do you supply to other vendors?
Yes, we do supply to other vendors. Kindly email us at contact@qqsoyabean.com or call us at 98258685.

Can I order online and do self-collection?
Yes you may order online and do self- collection at our Yishun outlet.

Does it contain any preservatives?
No, we do not include any preservatives.

What is it made of?
It is made of 100% pure soybean, painstakingly prepared and made into your mouthwatering bean curd and soya drink.

Where do your ingredient come from?
All our soybean are imported from Canada.

Is it Halal?
No. However the production of our bean curd does not include any sort of pork or lard.

Is it suitable for Vegetarian?
No, our bean curd is not suitable for Vegetarian. However, Vegetarian can consider consuming our soya drink instead.